Products - Multiplatform Toolbar

Comtribute has developed the first Multiplatform toolbar

Our innovative multiplatform toolbar works on any Windows browser (including Chrome) and can reside on a users desktop. This unique feature enables the toolbar to work with any software or application (e.g. outlook, chrome etc).

Any content on your website can be deployed on your branded toolbar and accessible to your users whenever they are on their computer.

Features like instant messaging, content, menu buttons, applications and even RSS tickers can be included directly on the toolbar. With these features you can instantly inform your entire network of toolbar users about new products and services. The multiplatform toolbar comes with a your own search box (run by leading search engines) - and additional monetization opportunities.

With Comtribute admin interface, your toolbar custom development is easy, quick and free.If you would like to learn more about the multiplatform toolbar, please contact us on

Features Include:

  • Multiplatform - works with any Windows browser (inlcuding Chrome) and is able to exist outside the browser and work with any software or application (e.g Outlook).
  • "Instance"  Technology – The toolbar is only located on the browser window which is open and does not duplicate itself on multiple browsers. Hence, saves substantial CPU and memory resources.
  • Drag and drop configuration – Comtribute toolbar allows you to drag-n-drop applications and features directly onto the toolbar.
  • White label - We provide our partners with high-end, fully customizable "White label” tools with their own brand and identity on it (Comtribute does not promote its own brand).
  • Automated upgrades -  Our platform provides Hassle-free maintenance, automated upgrades and instant rollout of new features and content.


Generate Revenue


The same way you generate revenue on your web site
You can generate revenue from your tools in much the same way as you can earn from your website. Replicate your web business strategy on your branded tools and increase your revenue.

Affiliate links
Add affiliate links to your tools that can generate funds for you. For example, if you add a link to Amazon, every time your users buy from you can earn a commission of  0.5%-5%.

On toolbar ads
You can generate revenue by selling contextual ads and banners on your tools.  Average income from ads displayed on the toolbar are estimated at $2 per user per year. If you sell your own ads that are targeted to your users, this can increase to as much as $10 a year

Seach Revenue
With your branded search Page, you can generate revenue from your users' search activity. The search is run by leading search engines, and the results have the look and feel that users are familiar with.














Promote & Engage


Drive more traffic to your website
With Comtribute, your best content is now always on you users’ desktop, browser and/or software, bringing users back and increasing traffic.

Strengthen brand awareness
Your branded tools appear on your users desktop, software and/or browser window at all times. Ensuring your brand and choice content will always be just a single click away.

Communicate better with your users
Publish an instant message to all your tool users, and they will see it immediately. So if you have something to tell them, you can be sure they'll see it.

Get across your most up-to-date content
Use your branded tools to promote new services and features.

Encourage return visitors
Sticky components, useful tools and cool gadgets make your tools more engaging, and keep users coming back.