Products - Overview

Create and Monetize your own  Desktop application,  Multiplatform toolbar and search portal in order to keep your users engaged.

The Comtribute platform enables web publishers, ecommerce sites, bloggers etc. to create their own branded tools (Desktop Application, Multiplatform Toolbar and Search Platform) to fit the look & feel of their products, services or website and distribute it to their users. All the branded tools come with built in instant message features to communicate with their users instantly.

Comtribute helps publishers to monetize their tools with search feeds, toolbar ads, link exchange, monetization apps and much more. We help our clients to make the most from their traffic, from technology to consultancy Comtribute can help you turn your traffic into cash.

Desktop Application

Comtribute leverages the best of technologies to develop the first fully customizable Desktop Applications that works offline and resides on users’ desktops.
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Multiplatform Toolbar

Comtribute has developed the first toolbar that works with any Windows browser (inlcuding Chrome) and is able to exist outside the browser and work with any software application.
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Search Platform

Create you own branded (your logo and message) Search Home Page with which your users search the internet and gain an additional monitization opportunity.
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Marketing Machine

We provide marketing solutions that support the entire lifecycle of out platform – from creation and promotion to analysis of your success, to optimize your experience.
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