Products - Desktop Application

Benefit from the first fully customizable desktop application- A permanent presence  on users’ screens.

Comtribute employs the best of technologies to develop the first fully customizable, and effective Desktop Applications that resides on users’ desktops. Any content on your website can be deployed on your branded to Desktop Application and accessible to your users whenever they are on their computer.

Using the Comtribute’s admin platform, you will be able to customize the Desktop Application and choose its content, features, size and overall design, as well as distribute it to your users in a few easy steps.

By using your desktop application, your users will be exposed to your brand and your marketing messages every time they are on the computer. You will be able to deliver 24/7 up to date content, promote different products and services, increase revenue and communicate with any number of users in a matter of seconds.

How to make your own Desktop Application
In 5 easy steps you can customize your own branded Desktop Application. You simply need to:
1. Upload your logo
2. Plug in your links, feeds, files and gadgets.
3. Add useful and fun applications
4. Send instant messages easily to communicate with your users anytime.
5. Your Desktop Application is ready to go.

Strengthen Brand Awareness

The app appears on your users desktop at all times, ensuring your brand and choice content will always be just a single click away.

Drive Traffic

Your best content is now always on your users’ desktop, bringing users back to your site and increasing traffic.


Generate Revenue

Replicate your web business strategy on your App and increase your revenue.

Promote new products

Use your tools to promote new services and features.