Products - Desktop Application (Features)

The Comtribute platform offers you for the first time your own branded Desktop application.


Now it is easier than ever to differentiate yourself with a custom-branded desktop application that stands out from the crowd.

  • Offline applications

    Comtribute has developed the first customizable, user-friendly and effective Desktop Application, that works offline and runs directly from your users desktop.
  • White Label

    We provide our partners with high-end, fully customizable "White label” tools with their own brand and identity on it (Comtribute does not promote its own brand).
  • Fully Customizable

    You can customize your tools (Desktop application, Toolbar and Search portal) within minutes, via our easy to use and free admin interface. No need to buy or install specialised software.
  • Automated upgrades

    Our platform provides Hassle-free maintenance, automated upgrades and instant rollout of new features and content.
  • Microsoft Silverlight technology

    Comtributes white label toolbar is based on Microsoft Silverlight technology which provides powerful customization capabilities and a rich collection of tools that enables you to craft every button on the toolbar independently to either display text, image or both.
  • Drag and drop configuration

    Comtribute toolbar allows you to drag-n-drop applications and features directly onto the toolbar.