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Nadav has accumulated a wealth of experience in internet, mobile, hi-tech and finance industries. Nadav was the Senior Business Development Manager at Amdocs (DOX), responsible for building Amdocs’ Partner Program in the Media and Advertising division.  Prior to that, Nadav was the Senior Marketing Manager at Amdocs VAS, where he cultivated communication and relationships with several major Amdocs customers including AT&T, Verizon and Virgin Mobile.  Prior to Amdocs, Nadav gained experience in the advertising industry, creating campaigns for Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola and others. He was also involved in setting up a number of startups. Nadav was an officer in the Israeli army, acting rank of Lieutenant. In his spare time he writes about “life and technology”, his articles have been published in leading newspapers (e.g "Life Caching", "Life Outsourcing" ). Nadav received his MBA from the University of Tel Aviv.





Mark Goldstein


Mark brings over 15 years of software experience to the company. In 1996, he founded his first start-up “ADVOCOM” that developed a robust platform for modeling and executing process-based applications. In 2004, he moved into the role of senior software architect at the Microsoft Technology Center, applying his experience and knowledge to the most challenging defense and commercial projects. Prior to COMTRIBUTE, he was a Director at Dassault Systems and responsible for developing a new PLM-As-A-Service vision and technology innovation.






(EVP Non-profit sector)

Yaniv brings over 10 years of experience in the Non-profit sector. Prior to Comtribute, he did extensive work in the non-profit sector, including work as a One Voice Ambassador. Yaniv worked with many organizations, among them the Harry S. Truman Institute for the advancement of Peace, the Naumann Foundation for Liberty in Jerusalem, the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) and the Israeli Embassy in London. A frequent keynote speaker, he has organized, led and participated in several international conferences and speaking tours, including The Clinton Global Initiative-University. Yaniv holds a BA in Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is currently studying at the Harvard Kennedy School as a Fischman Scholar. For the past year, he has been a Sauvé Scholar, designed to develop the leadership potential of promising youth from around the world.














(Web & integration Director)

Michael has more than 10 years of experience working with Microsoft products and building both Web and Windows based line of business applications. He worked at Microsoft Training Center as Senior Consultant and Infrastructure Team Leader. He participated in many integration projects while implementing Microsoft technologies in various industries (Banking, Insurance and Defense sectors). Prior to Comtribute he worked at Dassault Systems and was one of key players in developing a new PLM-As-A-Service product.






(Desktop app Director)

Vitaly Vexler has almost ten years experience in software development specializing in Windows based applications. He has experience with a large number of programming languages, applications, environments and databases in both Windows and Web environments, including customer-oriented and business applications such as Ecommerce, Call Center and CRM.




(Business Development Manager- U.S)

Gil brings over 8 years of business development experience to Comtribute. Gil has launched a number of startups including Linkedworld.com and Emailmail.com in the early internet days.  He also was involved in business projects in India, including developing a Sponge Iron plant in Bangalore, India. He received an MBA from HEC Paris and NYU and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Regents College London.







(Business Development Manager- U.S)

Asaf has a diverse background with expertise in Social media and alternative marketing techniques. He has launched a number of startups including FaceNight, a cutting edge online social media platform. Also, Asaf has recently written a book which has become a best seller relating to his experiences with the social network phenomena.  Prior to this, Asaf was an officer in the Israeli army for over 10 years, acting rank of Major.








Lior is an action-oriented Quality Assurance professional with over 7 years of Quality Assurance and Test Engineering experience. He began his career at Red C Unisys where he served as an optical software and testing engineer. Since then, he has worked at a number of organizations including  Dassault System and Smarteam as  Quality Assurance manager.  His seasoned managerial and hands-on contributions in planning make him an ideal member for a startup environment.







(Account Manager)

Since graduating in 2007, Steven has worked as a sales and campaign manager in several non-profit organizations. Steven was the Director of Emerging Campuses Initiative at Hillel Toronto and program associate at Hillel York. Steven earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto. He received a number of awards including leader of the year awards and the Hillel student award.







(Account Manager)

Before joining the Comtribute team, Liron Kagan grew up in Orlando, Florida where he worked for a computer company serving Central Florida. As Head IT/Director he worked closely with clients handling customer relations. His experience with Information Technology and people skills made him a perfect fit for Comtribute. Today, as an Account Manager at Comtribute, he is responsible for the well being of our clients in the non-profit sector.






Danielle Berkowitz

(Account Representative)

Danielle grew up in New York. She studied business at New York University before coming to Israel to study Government & Diplomacy at the Raphael Recanati International School in Hertzliya. While in New York she worked for the New York Public Library handling the Collection and Distribution of Rare Books for the Jewish Division. Her work in Outdoor Training for kids of all ages at the Joseph Eisner Institute.