Platform - Toolbar

With your own branded toolbar, you can increase your brand awareness, create instant communication and generate revenue with each search made.


Showcase the best of your site on your own customized, branded toolbar. Anything on your website can be featured on your toolbar and instantly accessible to your users wherever they are on the web.

Your supporters can install your branded toolbar directly onto their browser. Include content, links, menus, applications, instant messaging, a donation button, and even a streaming ticker to keep your entire network of toolbar users immediately updated with all your news and events.

Keep your supporters informed with instant updates on their browser. In this way, there will be no delay in communicating information to your supporters, and they are only one click away to get more information on your website.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Because your branded toolbar will be in the browser window every time your supporters log onto the internet, your cause and content will always be just a click away.

Generate Revenue

Every time your supporters search the web using your toolbars' branded search box, your organization will receive a small donation.

Increase Engagement

Increase your supporters’ engagement in and commitment to your cause. Supporters who use the platform will become a more integral part of your community.

Instant Communication

Deliver important messages, notifications and alerts to your members instantaneously. If you have something to tell them, you can be sure they'll see it.














Instant update is an easy and non-intrusive way to engage your supporters and to inform them of your charity work and local volunteer opportunities. Your organization can build an online community of supporters who have installed your branded toolbar and encourage dialogues between supporters. It has been shown in research that the more engaged and active sponsors are in supporting their cause, the more frequently they will donate.