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Engagement and Viral Tools


The counter measures a user’s total contribution, including the following:

  • Direct contributions from users (through searches, donations, etc.).
  • Recruits’ contributions.  If the user has recruited his friends to become contributors, the counter will show the total sum generated by the user’s recruits, as well as the contributions generated by those recruited by his (the friend’s) recruits (like a pyramid).
  • Lifetime contribution – that is, the total contribution of both the users and their recruits.

The counter is a key tool for engaging a user’s interest in your cause.  A regular user’s annual contribution from searches is in the range of tens of dollars. But if this user recruits 30 friends, and each friend recruits another 30 friends, the user will see that his activities have generated enormous sums for his chosen NPO/cause.

When a user has proof that his efforts have raised thousands of dollars for a cause he believes in, he feels “engaged” – the very engagement NPOs seek to cultivate.

Currency: Demonstrate the value of your donations

Bring your cause to life by translating monetary donations into value. Quantifying a donation as “three cups of clean water” or “an hour of schooling” transmits the value to the cause of the donation far more effectively than does a record of micro-donations measured in cents.

Furthermore, your contributors will identify more with a donation that reflects an in-kind benefit, rather than a numeric sum. You determine the currency in which your donations are presented (on the counter) to contributors.

Causes: Choose your cause

NPOs typically run multiple campaigns at the same time.  For example, a wildlife trust may wish to raise money for a “save the whale” campaign, parallel with a “preserve the rainforest” campaign.

You can define multiple causes for which you wish to raise money, and invite your users to select the cause to which they wish to contribute. This will attract more supporters, as it increases the likelihood that potential contributors will find a cause with which they identify.

Token (Coming Soon)

Tokens are awarded to users who have reached a pre-defined target, such as raising a certain amount of money (or currency), or recruiting a certain number of supporters. Users, who earn one token, qualify to earn additional tokens as they meet increasingly higher targets. Users are informed of what they must do to earn the next token.

Tokens are an excellent tool of engagement, as they motivate users to constantly expand and enhance their involvement in raising funds for their chosen cause. In the process, they naturally do raise more funds for your NPO and cause.

Personal Goals (Coming Soon)

In addition to the goals set by your NPO for earning tokens, you can let your users set personal goals for themselves. These goals can be measured in an amount of money (currency) which they raised, or in the number of friends recruited.

Users with a personal goal can create a page with their own data, pictures and so on. The user can send this page to friends to encourage them to adopt the cause or make a donation to help him achieve his personal goal.

Personal goals are highly effective in engaging the user and the user’s friends and increasing commitment, loyalty and dedication to the NPO.