Platform - Interactive Donations

Now supporters can contribute without spending any money and without altering their daily routines.

Comtribute helps non-profit organizations raise funds through a creative customized on-line platform we term “Interactive Donations”.  It is an exciting and non-intrusive way of fundraising.

“Interactive Donations” allows on-line supporters to contribute without spending any money and without altering their daily online routines. Supporters can continue to enjoy the same online experience, but now, while they are checking e-mails, playing games, searching or shopping online, they can also raise funds and support their favorite cause.

This revenue is provided by our partners (advertisers, affiliates, search engines, merchants and others) who pay commissions to increase traffic to their services. When searches are made through one of your branded tools developed by Comtribute, a portion of these commissions is donated to your organization.

Search & Donate

Capture search revenues each time your supporters search the web using your branded application.

Shop & Donate

Capture affiliated commissions every time your supporters make an online purchase.

Email & Donate

Capture revenue each time you send an email.

Play & Donate

Capture advertising revenues each time your supporters play your online games.







Our tools are flexible and dynamic allowing you to engage on your own terms with your supporters, highlighting your own brand. As a non-profit, you know your supporters best. Comtribute is fully committed to offering your organization the help you need to increase engagement with your supporters. Our tools are fully scalable based on the size of your organization.