Platform - Interactive Donations (Search & Donate)

Supporters generate revenue to their favorite causes by simply conducting Internet searches

Our white-label “Search & Donate” application generates revenue from your supporters' search activity. This means that every time your supporters search the web using your branded search tools (search website, search toolbar, or search desktop application), your organization will receive a donation that comes from our partners. The search is run by  leading search engines, and  the results have the look and feel that users are familiar with.

On average, for each search made, your organization will receive  3 cents  (in the U.S). While this might seem to be a small amount, small commissions multiplied by a large community of supporters can result in a sustainable revenue source. Picture this: as a conservative estimate, for each supporter who makes two searches per day, the revenue would be $22 per year (2*$0.03*365days). For 1,000 supporters, this results in $22,000 additional revenue over the span of a year with absolutely no extra costs to your organization or your supporters!

Search Home Page

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Search Results Page

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Watch a tutorial about our Search & Donate application:

The search platform has a counter at the top right of the screen, which tracks the amount of money supporters have contributed to the non-profit organization in real-time. When supporters recruit their friends to use the application, they can see how much their recruits have contributed as well.

The platform is “white label,” that is, it does not contain any Comtribute content, and contains only the organization’s own branding, including its own name above the search box. The search engine company is identified only in a small-print line at the page bottom.