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An Israeli Company Offers a Creative Source of Revenue

Posted by: THE BZVoice  / Date: October 2010

gaComtribute software creates not just fundraising revenue, but brand awareness as well, offering creative engagement and communication tools to link non- profits with their supporters. Users of this technology can contribute to their preferred charity while using the internet in the same ways they have always enjoyed.

But now, while they are checking email, or playing games, or searching online or reading news, their online actions can support their favorite cause.

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Turning clicks into cash

Posted by: THE GAZETTE  /  By:  / Date: 3 August 2010

gaMONTREAL - Yaniv Rivlin is new-tech's version of Rumpelstiltskin. But instead of turning straw into gold, as did the character from the brothers Grimm fairy tale, Rivlin is turning clicks into cash.

Rivlin, who was born in Israel's Golan Heights, co-founded a company that will help non-profit companies reach new sources of funds that never previously existed.While spending a year at McGill as a Sauve scholar -a program designed to develop the leadership potential of promising youth from around the world -Rivlin co-founded the company Comtribute, which allows charities to personalize search engines and toolbars with their brand.

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Comtribute launches fundraising platform for non-profits and North American Tour

Posted by: Montreal tech watch  /  By: Date: 22 July, 2010



wqdComtribute.com launched this Tuesday new tools allowing everyone to fund their favourite non-profit organization, without actually giving any money. Fans & friends are invited to install a toolbar, and also use a customized homepage, instead of google.com or yahoo.com. Every time there is a new web search, a few cents will be donated to the non-profit.

Comtribute hopes to capitalize on the search advertising business. Non-profits are invited to design & customize the toolbar, with a very wide variety of features available, from news ticklers, rss feeds, search fields, to quick links and web bookmarks.

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Internet searches result in cash for non-profits

Posted by: THE Canadian Jewish News  /  By:  / Date:12 August 2010


asMONTREAL — Israeli high-tech wizards are the creators of an Internet tool that enables Canadians to contribute financially to their favourite charity or non-profit organization with a click of a mouse and not a penny out of their pockets.

Zachary Rosentzweig, left, a leader of the youth group The Human Promise, seals a deal with Comtribute co-founder Yaniv Rivlin. Every time a web search is made via a customized site for that organization, a few cents automatically goes into that organization’s coffers.

Comtribute was launched recently by its co-founder Yaniv Rivlin, a 28-year-old Israeli who was a Sauvé Scholar this year in Montreal, at Sauvé House, the stately mansion on Docteur Penfield Avenue where he lived and learned with a dozen other promising young leaders from around the world.

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Interview with Yaniv Rivlin, co-founder of Comtribute

Posted by: Jewish Press International  / Date: 2 August 2010


afhSometimes an opportunity creates itself to take advantage of some powerful forces and use them for a good cause. In this interview with Yaniv Rivlin, co-founder of Combtribute, you can learn about a fantastic new way to support your favorite non profits

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