About Us

Comtribute’s products and services are free to non-profit organizations and end-users.

Comtribute was founded in 2009 by an interdisciplinary team of experts on the internet, customer relations, and non-profit organizations, as well as seasoned developers from leading international corporations such as Microsoft, Amdocs and hi-tech start-ups.

Comtribute’s mission is to become the world leader in delivering an engaging user experience through innovative internet technologies, while providing innovative online revenue generating tools. Comtribute’s services are provided to a wide variety of users including publishers, businesses, charities, schools, churches, other non-profits and socially responsible corporations.

Our customers adopt our platform for any one or all of these reasons:

  • To better engage attention and interest of their customers, employees, colleagues, associates, friends and supporters.
  • To communicate better with their communities.
  • To generate revenue using a broad set of tools, including internet-based search tools.


Comtribute for Non Profit Organizations

Contributing to society is a key value in the establishment of Comtribute. Non-profit organizations (NPOs) are among the prime beneficiaries of the Comtribute platform. They utilize our platform to raise revenue for their cause(s) and to build and strengthen their networks and relationships with supporters and volunteers via the internet. Supporting NPOs and continuing to develop applications that serve NPOs are and will remain a priority for Comtribute. We are proud that every day, the Comtribute platform is raising funds for organizations that feed, cloth and educate the underprivileged; that preserve the world’s natural resources and that contribute to making the world a better place for all.

Comtribute works together with NPOs to help support their causes by providing free tools to create new source of revenue, to enhance user awareness and engagement and to increase interaction with each NPO and thier suppporters.

Our interactive donation application lets you raise funds for free as your supporters search the web, shop or play online games. For example, your own branded search portal provides your supporters, employees and volunteers with a simple way to generate money for your cause just by searching the web. Comtribute’s customized toolbar helps NPOs stay connected to their supporters with convenient links to their site and an ever-present branding image for your organization.