The Comtribute platform offers you a new way of fundraising


Your supporters can contribute to their favorite non-profit organization while browsing the internet, and with a single click, your supporters are made aware of the charitable actions of your organization.

Offering your branded platform to your supporters will not only increase donations to your organization, it will also offer a whole new user-engaging experience with exciting instant updates about their favorite cause. Your supporters using the branded platforms will also allow you to start an active dialogue and to build an online community for your cause.

Generate Revenue


Comtribute specializes in transforming users daily online activities into funds and providing a steady flow of income for your cause. In each and every one of our platforms, the revenue is not paid by Comtribute or by your supporters, but by advertisers, affiliates, merchants and search engines.  In addition, Comtribute’s engaging tools encourage supporters to make direct donations (Comtribute does not take a percentage from direct donations).


Enhance Awareness


Providing your supporters with your branded online tools, such as your customized toolbar, will keep your organization present at all times on your supporters screen whenever they are surfing the web. Transform existing supporters into branded toolbar users and gain their loyalty by creating interesting, engaging, up to date applications that will keep them visiting your site.

Strengthen Communication


Our specialized tools like desktop alerts, instant home page messages, and a streaming ticker on the toolbar, can be used to inform your entire community of supporters of news and activities instantly. Your messages will be on their browser whenever they surf the net. It is readily accessible so you can be sure they see it.



Active supporter interaction is crucial to maintain their loyalty to your organization and keep them engaged with your cause. Supporters who are informed of your cause are more likely to be involved in your activities and to contribute to your organization financially, through volunteer work, or by telling their friends and relatives about your projects and activities.

Increase Donations


Comtribute applications create an emotional connection between the contributor and the NPO.  Over time, this relationship encourages supporters to make direct financial donations to the cause. How does this work? The contributor is very much aware of the campaign target, be it raising $100,000 or feeding 100,000 people. Contributors see the impact of their personal contribution, as well as the impact of all of the contributions made by the people they have recruited. Another way to keep your supporters engaged is to use your branded toolbar to send messages and updates to them. An open channel of communications heightens contributors’ involvement in the cause. Moreover, the “donate now” button is highly visible. With time, as the contributor becomes more and more engaged in the cause, he becomes much more likely to click on the “donate now” button and make a financial donation.